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My motive in art-making is to build common ground between communities with differing perspectives, upbringings, world views, beliefs, and aesthetics. I strive to positively impact environments around me in small increments as a movement artist. Through a process based practice including choreography, performing, movement research/improvisation and teaching. I utilize movement to connect mind and body and oppose social pressures. I found through connecting my mind and body a great deal of healing happened from past traumas that I have experienced. Realizing the positive affects movement had on me, I spread this to whoever I encounter. I am interested in human interaction and psychological phenomenon. I encourage connection of the mind and body through making space for anyone and everyone to be heard. These practices have been beneficial to my understanding of what it means to live a human life and I want to share this with communities around me.
What these practices do for me...
Choreography allows me to explore ideas in a tangible way through my own body and with other bodies. Teaching and movement research help me connect opposing sides or conflicting beliefs to find fairground and objective views. I practice improvisation as it gives freedom to self-express and strays away from repetitive patterns/habits. I classify myself as a rebel in dance as I highlight a person's character rather then their image. I utilize various forms of expression in my process that transcend to the performance. Forms like singing, poetry, writing, drawing, meditation, and film-making. I hope my art gives introspective and self-discovery to create positivity and tranquility between one another.